Ingredients Matter

Just as parents pay attention to the ingredients that go into our children’s bodies when they eat, today’s parent is also aware that the quality of ingredients that go into our cosmetic products is of great importance as well.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and what we apply to it can potentially go directly into our bloodstream. 

As we navigate the waters of today’s environmental hazards, the phrase “buyer beware” takes on new meaning and can make your head spin.

What is a vigilant parent to do?

How can we avoid the tricks of the trade that many manufacturers employ to make their product sound “healthy” and “all natural” when they could be ladened with harmful chemicals?

At times, we might wish there was a team of superheroes to swoop in and help sort through the information, so that when we open a product and apply it to the skin or scalp of our children, we can feel confident that we’ve made the healthiest choice for them.

Well, thankfully there are trusted resource groups, such as whole foods or the environmental working group, both of whom do extensive research on thousands of ingredients, rating them to help us start to make sense of it all.

Instead of researching the complete list of ingredients on every cosmetic product we pick up, we can rely on the reputation of a select few companies who have proven themselves to be conscientious providers.

Lane and Co. is proud to be associated with these companies and to have been given their highest endorsement and safety ratings. 

The second “super” power we can employ is educating ourselves, a little at a time, to gain an understanding of the major players that invade some of the children’s products out there.

The average consumer, at this point, has probably heard the word “parabens” as being something we should avoid; however, we might not have a full understanding of what a paraben does or why it’s considered harmful.

In short, they are added to 90% of beauty products in our stores, as a preservative. 

Parabens mimic estrogen and may be an endocrine disruptor. This, in turn can lead to a variety of unwanted consequences, including but not limited to cancer.

Another major category of ingredients to avoid are phthalates. This is an additive that is used to soften plastics and make them more pliable.  In the case of exposure to this particular chemical, it can result in damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and/or reproductive system.

The two ingredients listed above have names that may even sound dangerous to some. They are obviously chemicals.

But what about dyes and fragrances?  Many may consider these to be harmless.

Most shampoos and conditioners are dyed to make their appearance more pleasing; however, the colors come from petroleum or coal-tar, which have harmful side effects.

As for fragrances, these are most often created by using a wide variety of chemicals. Not only can these cause cancer, they have even been found in the breast milk of women, showing how pervasive they can be when they enter our system.

But now for the good news.  When you find a company you can trust, and which has been “vetted,” as it were, by other reputable companies, you can start to learn about the good ingredients that can go into beauty products.

At Lane and Co., we use 100% plant-based ingredients in our hair paste.. Ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.

All of our ingredients have been given the best score possible by the environmental working group.

We aim to earn your trust as one of the companies whose name is synonymous with environmental responsibility, optimal health, and safety. 

We are parents. And we live on this planet, too. We truly want the best for our world and for each family who resides here.

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