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Soft & Hard Bristle Brush Set + Kids Hair Paste And Conditioning Detangler

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Why you’ll love it

Your favorite hair taming duo is finally sold together and it comes with a hair brush kit that includes a reusable zipper bag, soft and hard bristle brush and a silicone cradle cap brush. Our conditioning detangler spray is a blend of natural ingredients that smooth, soften and add shine while eliminating fights with tangles while our hair paste can be used to tame cowlicks, flyaways and frizz. Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin

How to use it

Detangler: Spray generous amounts to wet or dry hair to tame, untwine and detangle. Hair paste: Scoop a dime sized amount, spread evenly into palms and apply to hair. 

More info

NO MORE TANGLES: Our conditioning detangler is infused with avocado and coconut oil to help separate strands and enhance curls while the rice protein creates shine and is rich in amino acids

BYE BYE CRIB HAIR: Our hair paste is mild + gentle and creates a medium hold that is non greasy. Use is as you go to to style your little ones hair. Say bye bye to cowlicks, frizz, flyaways and static hair.

BEST BABY BRUSH SET: The soft bristle brush can be use to stimulate your little ones scalp and help prevent cradle cap. The hard bristle brush works really well to detangle hair and the cradle cap brush is specifically designed to prevent cradle cap

CHEMICAL FREE: We do not use phthalates, parabens, dyes or sulfates or any other icky ingredients, we are vegan, NON GMO and cruelty free.


Customer Reviews

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Hair cream is decent. Haven’t used the spray yet. The brushes came slightly ruined. One is missing a bristle and the other one has indents in it. Not a huge deal but didn’t expect that. Never heard back from custom service so that’s disappointing.